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Janine Crandell (coordinator/designer) Illinois Ancestors Tombstone Project
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Mission Statement:

We are stewards of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery and exist to meet the expectations of the individuals and families that we have served in the past, while attracting and serving future clients.


  • We enhance the community recognition and awareness of our cemetery and the services we  offer.
  • When needed, we counsel and guide the families through the complexities of the burial process.
  • We ensure and maintain the rich history and natural beauty of the grounds
  • We act as a business, while balancing our social and fiscal responsibility to the community and taxpayers.

We welcome the public to visit and stroll the grounds, take in our beautiful scenery and learn of our rich history in our community.

This beautiful cemetery is the result of hard work and care by the staff and community volunteers. Eagle Scouts have helped to repair fences, restore the Civil War burial section and other projects. We take pride in the well-groomed appearance of Evergreen and insure that projects such as tree removal, stone restoration and daily trimming are completed. Our dedication was rewarded when the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery received the 1995 Heritage Award for Preservation Achievement from the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission.

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