Board of Trustees

Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Board of Trustees oversees the daily operations of the cemetery which includes managing the budget/levy. The Trustees meet every 2nd Monday of each month to review finances and discuss cemetery operations. Meetings are open to the public.

Joseph Gibson, President

Garrett Thalgott, Vice President

Brad Williams, Secretary/Treasurer


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Mission Statement


We are stewards of the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery and exist to meet the expectations of the individuals and families we have served in the past while attracting and serving future clients.   


  • We enhance the community recognition and awareness of our cemetery and the services we offer
  • When needed, we counsel and guide the families through the complexities of the burial process
  • We ensure and maintain the rich history and the natural beauty of our grounds
  • We act as a business, while balancing our social and fiscal responsibility to the community and taxpayers


Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, founded in the early 1820’s, is a historic cemetery nestled in the heart of Bloomington. The 47 acre cemetery begins with a simple entrance, winding avenues, towering trees and an elaborate mausoleum.

Evergreen Memorial Cemetery is a wonderful example of preservation, culture and tradition in Central Illinois.

Evergreen Memorial is the resting place of famous figures and ordinary people. People like former Vice President Adlai Stevenson I, Revolutionary War soldier David Haggard and niece of Frank L. Baum, Dorothy Louise Gage, basis for the character Dorothy from his book The Wizard of Oz. We are also proud to offer two sections dedicated to children and four areas dedicated to veterans. Today, Evergreen Memorial Cemetery captures the imagination of the visitor who may be swept away by the quality which one might call the essential spirit of the place. It is a place where dignity and nature is appreciated by those who visit. 


Come for a Visit

We welcome the public to visit and stroll the grounds, take in our beautiful scenery and learn of our rich history in our community.

Visitor Attractions

Reserve Your Place In History

We are stewards of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery and exist to meet the expectations of the individuals and families that we have served in the past, while attracting and serving future clients.

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