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Gridley Family Plot

From: Sat, Apr 21, 1810
To: Thu, Jan 20, 1881

The Family Patriarch, Asahael Gridley (04/21/1810 – 01/20/1881), was a banker, lawyer, politician, merchant, and first millionaire in McLean County.  The town of Gridley is named for him.

Gridley was once sued for slander and hired Abraham Lincoln as his defense and won the case; Lincoln argued that Gridley's words could not be slander because everyone knew that Gridley spoke that way.

His wife was Mary Ann Enos Gridley (03/18/1818 – 11/22/1900) and children; Juliet Gridley, Albert Gridley, Mary Gridley Bell, and Edward Gridley


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Visitor Attractions

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