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Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourne

From: Mon, Dec 11, 1854
To: Fri, Feb 5, 1897

The carving has been removed due to bug infestion in the stump.


Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1940, Charles pitched professionally for 11 years in the National League and the Players League.


In those 11 years he won 310 games and lost 191 for a winning percentage of .619.


In 1884 he won 62 games and lost 12. As of 1940, the 62 wins has remained the record for games won in the major leagues.

During 1 month in 1884, Old Hoss struck out 411 men.  In 1882, 1883, & 1884; his best 3 years, he had 147 wins and 56 losses.  No pitcher has ever equaled this record in their best 3 years.


The plaque attached to the back of his monument has a complete record of Radbourne’s winnings.

Charles’ parents spelled their last name Radbourn.


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