Decoration Removal Notice

Mon, Mar 3, 2025

March 3rd we will begin picking up all decorations not in a granite vase or affixed to a monument.


  • The Cemetery is not liable for floral arrangements, baskets, stands or any decoration left at the graveside.

  • Grave decorations are allowed on top of monuments, in bronze, granite or monument vases only. No grave decorations are permitted on the ground from March 1st thru November 1st.  Flower vases can be purchased through the cemetery office

  • Flowers are permitted on the ground during holidays. All holiday decorations will be removed in one week
  • No hanging baskets, hooks, metal frames, glass, ceramic, resin or any such material that could break or cause harm to anyone is allowed.

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We welcome the public to visit and stroll the grounds, take in our beautiful scenery and learn of our rich history in our community.

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We are stewards of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery and exist to meet the expectations of the individuals and families that we have served in the past, while attracting and serving future clients.


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